Podcast 12/07/12: F*ckity Bye!

So I’m just going to apologize right up front for Colby this week. He is surly. But to his credit, he let’s you know right up front. It was kind of weird, because usually it’s Tim who is the one swearing and yelling, but this week it’s Colby. And yes, I manage to get in on the yelly action, but that’s how I am.

In spite of all that, Colby and I manage to cover two different things in Deal With It! We talk about the proposed Wonder Woman TV show for the CW, Amazon, and then Colby opens up on why he’s not happy this week. (DC, he’s lookin’ at you.) We talk about the books we like and we both agree on this week’s Rockin’ Comic of the Week. I wrap things up in Whatever with a conversation with a very cool independent comic creator, Jesse Grillo. He runs Bleeding Ink Productions. He’s got a new horror comic, Blackwood, up on Kickstarter, and since I like the horror stuff and this thing looks really cool, that we should talk. We cover the Kickstarter, his other projects, his influences, how he started in comics and more. If you want to just donate to the Blackwood Kickstarter now, you can do so by clicking HERE. Then come back and check out the podcast.

So let’s get to it!

(Ps, you’ll have to listen to the very end to get the title of this one…thanks Colby!)

01:27 Deal With It: Wonder Woman TV show and shows we’d like to see on TV, then (11:22) Colby is angry with DC; 20:01 Avengers #1; 23:01 Thunderbolts #1; 26:36 Hawkeye #5; 28:04 Shadowman #2; 29:30 Hellboy In Hell #1; 21:34 Legend of Luther Strode #1; 33:36 Blackacre #1; 36:18 Rockin’ Comic of the Week; 36:51 Shout Outs to Planet of the Apes Cataclysm #4 and New Avengers #34; 38:31 Whatever: Jesse Grillo from Bleeding Ink Comics; 59:42 Wrap Up.

As always, stop by and check out our friends at ComicRelated.com. Great folks with tons of comic bookery goodness for you and yours.


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