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Welcome to a special edition of Tuesdays With Tim that had to happen here on a Friday after the news broke that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the new Superman/Batman movie.  Like you, my first reaction was a lot of shock.  To say that this comes out of left field is like saying “oh it’s just a scratch” after a zombie tore off a third of your torso.  What followed though isn’t necessarily surprising, but perhaps a bit disappointing and I feel bad for the guy.  I’m not defending the choice because I haven’t seen Ben’s Batman yet, but I am asking you – respectfully – to back off the man a little. (more…)

The crew looks at the latest from Dark Horse Comics this week with Dark Horse Day.



Today we’ve got a Barbarian and a Pirate Queen, Monsters and Monster Hunters (and possibly a Monster Maker as well) and a double dose of Star Wars. So strap in and get to it, it’s Dark Horse Day.

Conan the Barbarian #19
Story by Brian Wood
Art by Paul Azaceta

Conan 19 Cover


Wowzers! Another GenCon has come and gone and man what a time it was. Over the next few days I’ll be recapping some of the high points of the con for me. (That’s going to be tough, because I freakin’ love GenCon.)

I’ve already got the ball rolling before GenCon even started on Wednesday night with the tapping of the keg of the official GenCon Beer, Flagon Slayer from Sun King. That’s a hell of a way to kick start a game convention, let me tell ya’. Awesome.

Thursday night things kept on going with a Night with Dungeons and Dragons.

D&D Logo

D&D is the big daddy when it comes to role playing games (rpg’s from here on out). It was the first pen and paper rpg I ever played, and is loved by gamers around the world. The game is rich in myth and characters and Thursday night we got a special look inside the next evolution of D&D: The Sundering. Let me just say the fine folks at Wizards of the Coast and D&D know how to throw a party. It was at the Indiana Rooftop Ballroom (which is a killer venue by the way) and were serving up food and drinks all night long.


I rarely look at the solicits that comic book companies send out to the shops because I don’t want to accidentally spoil something.  Now I know they keep them pretty spoiler free, but it does happen sometimes, so I usually ignore them.  For whatever reason, I went ahead and checked out the solicits for November and I noticed that about half of the offerings from DC and Marvel are tie-ins.  Now that’s not horribly shocking when you consider that Trinity War will give way to Villains Month/Forever Evil and Infinity just kicked off.  I get how it works, you use the big events to hopefully get people to buy some books they normally wouldn’t, even if it’s only for that week/month, and then MOAR MONEES 4 YOU!  But there are a few that I find…odd. (more…)

The Bounce #4
Words: Joe Casey
Art: David Messina


The plot thickens even more for The Bounce in this issue, as he takes on a really big dude who doesn’t speak English and made me – and The Bounce – wish we had paid more attention in Spanish class.  We also get a deeper look at the shadow…corporation?  I’m not really sure I guess, but it feels like a shadow corporation that’s behind everything and is clearly very sinister.  There’s also chocolate milk and a Lady Gaga reference. (more…)

Gen Con 2013


I just got back last night from spending three and a half days in Indianapolis for Gen Con 2013, the best four days in gaming. For any of you unfamiliar with Gen Con, it’s a convention focusing on gaming. Not video gaming, but old school board game and RPG goodness. It was…AWESOME!
I love games of all types and have been to Gen Con several times over the course of the years. Unfortunately, I usually am only able to head over for one day, usuallly Sunday, and have only ever really explored the Exhibition Hall where vendors display and demo games of all types. If you can’t find something there that catches your fancy, you’re not really a gamer. Yeah, I said it. There is literally something for everyone. Luckily this year, I was able to head over on Thursday afternoon and be there for the majority of the con.